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I use over 20 years of real estate experience, a uniquely client-centered orientation, and several proprietary tools to help my buyers & sellers achieve optimal real estate transaction outcomes.

My Agent Scorecard , Market Indicators, CMA (Pricing) tool, and Contract-to-Closing checklist ensure you choose the best agent for your needs, work WITH (not against!) the market trends, get the best price (whether buying or selling), and have a smooth transaction where nothing falls through the cracks.

Even before you put your house on the market, or after you've closed on your purchase, I can help with (1) vetted sub-contractors (roofers, electricians, masons, etc.) who are proven to be the highest rated by their customers, and (2) how to optimize your interaction with those sub-contractors.

Contact me today and I'll show you why my motto is, "Dedicated to being the Absolute Best Consultant in Triangle Real Estate".

Client Testimonials

To anyone looking for a real estate agent,

As first-time home buyers, my wife and I had no idea what to expect throughout the process. We had what felt like endless questions, and were lucky enough to find John Fitz-Henley who seemed to have endless patience!

He has proven not only to be knowledgeable about real estate, but we couldn't have asked for a more savvy negotiator to deal on our behalf with the various sellers we encountered, or a better teacher. John was a great voice of experience and competence when helping us to determine if a deal was a good one, and was unwilling to let us wind up in a bad deal just for the sake of having a deal.

My wife and I are currently in a house that we both love and it is without a doubt due in a large part to John Fitz-Henley's "second-mile" service and expertise. He is very highly recommended and we will be using him for our next home purchase.

Joshua & Lucy Haynes

To prospective clients of John Fitz-Henley,

As first-time homebuyers, we cannot thank John enough for his stellar performance and welcoming demeanor as he guided us through the initially daunting process of purchasing a home.  John took the time to walk us through each step in a way that made us feel comfortable that he was representing us and looking out for our best interests.

John repeatedly went above and beyond our expectations and ensured we got the perfect house at an incredible price. His objective, analytical approach to valuation, and negotiation ability empowered us to make the right decisions without feeling pressured.  John's guidance helped to protect us from "buyer frenzy", even though it deprived him of closing a quick sale.  Further, John took the time to re-inspect the repairs made by the sellers to ensure we got everything that was due. 

John came to us as a recommendation, and we're eager to pass the same along to any other prospective buyers.

Ryan Fraser & Stephanie Pierce

Ryan Fraser & Stephanie Pierce

To whom it may concern:

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share comments on my experience working with John Fitz-Henley on the sale of a house for me.  John truly possesses all of the necessary qualities of an excellent broker; he is motivated, responsive, extremely knowledgeable of the market, professional and most importantly, patient and calm.

Thanks to John, I never worried about anything.  Throughout the process, he made sure I was in the loop and he always provided intelligent and thoughtful advice.

I could not have asked for a better realtor.  I highly recommend John Fitz-Henley and will definitely come back to him for any real estate dealings in the future.

Thank you John Fitz-Henley!

Kind Regards,

Shirley T. Herbin

Shirley T. Herbin

Dear Ms Gelsinger,

We would like to express our appreciation for the successful efforts of your firm in selling our residence in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In particular we would like to recognize the extraordinarily professional manner in which the listing agent, John Fitz-Henley went about marketing our home and promoting its sale under very difficult market conditions. 

John demonstrated the rare combination of impeccable interpersonal skills and meticulous attention to detail to enlist our trust, and then to find that one party who would offer a fair price for a property that met their needs. John invested countless hours in performing market research and following up on leads to ultimately achieve a sale. John’s instincts during negotiations were uncanny and certainly contributed to our obtaining the highest possible price for our home.

We consider John to be the consummate real estate professional and a true friend and we would commend him unconditionally in his field.


Peter and Beth Anne Shields

Peter Cell:  919-360-2003

Beth Cell:  919-357-4163


Peter and Beth Anne Shields


Mercedes Nelly Usurin


John Carpenter


Nicole Reed


Benjamin & Lindsey Spain


Dannie & Antoinette Shuler / Imtiaz Taj / Damian & Jamie Hall

Mike Clow & Lucy Rozier

To Any Potential Client of John Fitz-Henley,

(Follow up, August 2016)

Having purchased three total properties in Durham with John in 2010 and 2011.  I decided to sell them in 2015 and 2016.  I was delighted with the sale of my first home as the area was deemed “up and coming”.  John had indicated that I would receive more money than I was expecting but I was skeptical.  Wow, he was right on the money, literally.  I sold my property for 3 times my purchase price.

Having had major damage sustained to my second home, and living out of state, John recommended which work to preform, obtained bids and coordinated all the subcontractors to get it in the best shape possible to sell, as he had done for the first home.  All that added value for a modest fee.  The home sold shortly after the fix-up, for much more than I anticipated.  In fact, it sold for about 2.5 times my purchase price.

My third home was vandalized with major damage.  I could have easily had John coordinate all the work for the best prices to get much more cash out of the home but, I was ready to get out the business.  I choose John to sell and close the deal as quickly as possible.  As with all purchases and sales of my three properties, I gave John my power of attorney to execute the transactions in the trustworthy and professional manner he always does.  I would still recommend John to anyone buying or selling real estate in the triangle area.

Best Regards,

Dan Serafin

Dan Serafin (2016)

To Any Potential Client of John Fitz-Henley,

John has represented me in the pursuit of investment properties in the Triangle area since October 2010. I have purchased three properties with him as my agent. I am extremely pleased with John's professionalism and attention to detail. I communicated my requirements only once to him. He captured the requirements with a complete understanding of my needs and presented me with a stream of potential properties that were exactly what I was looking for.

I felt absolutely no pressure from John to purchase quickly at any time and we have had some very difficult sellers to deal with.   John is so much more than a real estate agent.  His advice is very helpful for me to make accurate decisions, especially since I live out of state.  I get his monthly market updates, excellent vendor recommendations, and his proprietary crime level index on my potential properties. He also provides many, many pictures of my target properties for my review.  He has visited countless potential properties, setup and attended every inspection and verified all repairs.  He goes above and beyond not just sometimes, all the time.

John not only represented me as my real estate agent, he also represented me with signature authority on my behalf via power of attorney.  I had absolutely no reservations with John closing on the transaction in place of myself, as I trust him entirely.  It turns out that he read every single document at the closing more closely than I would have and consulted me on questionable items, during the closing, just to make sure.  I cannot say enough good things about the level of service John provides.  I can say that I am a very satisfied customer and consider him a friend.  I would recommend John to anyone.

Best Regards,

Dan Serafin

Dan Serafin (2011)


Christopher & Nancy Roby


Nick & Leslie Chapman


Karen Perera


Rev. Arthur Harris / Min Zhu & Ben-Jin Lin


Nan Honeycutt


Hector & Carolina Badillo